Awesome August - One month till Spring

Welcome to our first blog post that we hope you will find fun and informative. We intend to provide you with great updates about our girls and guys here at Suite Pleasures along with insights and interesting ideas and thoughts from the team here. We value your input and so are interested to hear your ideas so that we can do better for you our customers. Please leave us any comments below. 

Now we are past the pleasantries, can someone please turn on Spring as although these wet gloomy days are good for snuggling up in bed with us, they are not so good on our heating bill. I am sure we have been heating up Wellington but can someone please lend us some more dosh or more one bar heaters to keep warm with.... OK bad jokes about the cold aside, you can tell that it's cold out there when everyone comments how toasty and warm it is in our rooms, please roll on Spring...


Lexi Grey

Ex-London Courtesan Lexi Grey joined our team at the end of last month. Lexi notes she is continuing to explore the joys of New Zealand scenery... inside and outside the bedroom! Lexi is renowned in Wellington is an elegant lady, with a naughty streak behind closed doors.  If you have any special requests she is always eager to try and accommodate.. So why not share your fantasy with her, and find out for yourself why she is one of the most erotic and pleasurable experiences you could give yourself?  



Krystina is new to the industry and has an interesting background with being half Indian and half Phillipino which makes her quite exotic. Krystina has a wonderful cheerful personality and is playful and fun. We doubt there is a mean bone in her body as she's always upbeat and ready to find ways to make you laugh. Krystina is not shy at all and will normally hug and kiss you as soon as you meet her at the door. We we really should try to bottle some of her overflowing youthful exuberance as it's a shame to waste that type of spunk and energy for life. 


We keep getting the same comments from our customers which for us tells us we are on the right path.. 

  • Our girls do there best to make sure you have a great time

  • Our place is modern and clean and the fresh linen feels and smells great

  • Receiving a drink of your choice when you arrive is a nice touch

  • The men's robes to wear when going to the shower are great. We do need to buy longer versions as some of you are a little taller than expected and are hanging out the bottom a bit. :)

Other feedback has been centered around wanting to get to know our girls better and so we will be starting an Instagram and twitter page to post funny comments and pictures as we knock off the weeks fun to do's. :) 

A constant request last month was for Aliah to go touring in Auckland. And so she did, much to the joy of many an Aucklander. At the request of many others Aliah our little Minx will be posting everyday photos of herself when she gets the chance. Watch out twitter and Instagram.. 



Please let us know what types of things you want to make your experience better. We won't be buying a room full of blow up dolls as one customer suggested but as you know we are very open to your suggestions.  Other ideas were;

  1. Get a swing installed in our main room

  2. Add a large roof mounted mirror to our main room which has a large floor to ceiling mirror installed behind the bed. It appears everyone loves the large mirrors we have installed, all the better to see us with :) or is that to see yourself with?

If you agree or have any other ideas please comment below, don't be shy as we can handle all sorts of questions... 


The perfect Man needs to be Confident

The sexiest thing about a man is that he's confident. Sure you see his appearance first, but once you get to know him and if he's sincere, confident and charming then this will leave us coming back and wanting more.  So work hard on being sure of yourself as this confidence exudes those wonderful pheromones that will have us ladies falling over you, and if you are really lucky we might even be nice to you... 

Coming up in our next post

The top 5 ways to impress a Woman

Till next time.. 

Kisses and more from the team and I.... 

Ms. Kay


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